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Wastewater Resources Inc. (WRI) - WRI is an original equipment manufacturer of proprietary and patented advanced water purification (AWP) plants for complex water applications in the industrial, municipal, and marine markets. To service lodging, hospital, and commercial laundry clients, WRI offers a full line of proven products to reclaim, treat, and recycle laundry graywater: AquaTex™ 360, AquaTex™ 720 and AquaTex™ Ultra. The first AquaTex™ 360 was installed in 1989, and now this family of products is the most prolific (AWP) plants in the laundry industry - reclaiming millions of gallons of water annually. Over fifty 360, 720 and Ultra systems have been installed in the US and abroad.

AquaTex™ 360, 720 & Ultra (Download PDF)

Design - The design objective is to clean reclaimed graywater to specification for reintroduction into the intake of the entire wash wheel without adversely affecting chemical addition, product quality or laundry system operation. These design goals use only the latest filter and advanced oxidation technologies on the market.

WRI received a patent for its recycling and advanced oxidation processes, coupled with membrane technology, to continually filter, disinfect, and recycle laundry graywater. Its reclamation design reduces water and sewer charges by 60% to 80%. AquaTex™ 360, 720, and Ultra are custom engineered to accommodate a client's spacial footprint, graywater content, wastewater stream, and washer extractor brand.

As per the Uniform Plumbing Code, 2000 edition, appendix G, Graywater is defined as “untreated household wastewater which has not come into contact with toilet wastes. Graywater includes used water from bathtubs, showers, bathroom, wash basins, and water from clothes washing machines and laundry tubs.  It shall not include waste water from kitchen sinks or dishwashers.”

Technology - The AquaTex™ 720 represents two major changes in original 360. Whereas the 360 was designed to treat hot water, the 720 treats both hot and tempered water. Secondly, the 720 uses proprietary advanced oxidation technology.

WRI received a patent (US 6,195,825) for an original water recycling process for treating laundry graywater. During conventional laundry operations, graywater is discharged directly into the sewer system, and freshwater is fed into the washers from a utility supply to entirely replace the water in each load of laundry. The discharged graywater is typically 120 degrees and saturated with laundry detergent and softening chemicals. When this graywater is released into the sewer system, useful chemicals and valuable heat are lost. In addition, contaminants remaining in the graywater generally require removal or treatment downstream before the effluent is released into the environment.

WRI's patented process redirects graywater through a closed-loop system, rather than discharging it into the sewer. The close-loop system was added to reuse the heat and further circulate graywater for filtration treatment, and to reclaim and recycle the wastewater filtrate and active chemical additives for continual use by washers.

The reclamation process begins by collecting graywater prior to sewer discharge and passing it through a 10-micron vibrating shaker screen and 5-micron tubular backwash filters for loose particle separation. In a 720 and Ultra, the filtrate then flows through an advanced oxidation reactor and to the final stage of complete disinfection in a UV chamber. Reclaimed water is then reintroduced to the wash wheel without adverse effects on chemical additives, product quality or laundry operations.

AquaTex Model
Graywater Application
AquaTex™ 360
Small hotel, resort & commercial laundry Operators
Automated hot water reclamation & disinfection system
Prefiltration, nanofiltration, & ultraviolet chamber
AquaTex™ 720 Small to medium hotel, resort & commercial laundry operators Automated tempered & hot water reclamation & disinfection system Prefiltration, nanofiltration, advanced proprietary oxidation & UV chamber
AquaTex™ Ultra Large hotel, resort & laundry operators Automated tempered & hot water reclamation & disinfection system Prefiltration, nanofiltration, advanced proprietary oxidation, ultrafiltration & UV chamber

Benefits - Benefits derived from an AquaTex™ 360, 720 and Ultra are numerous:

  • Captures, cleans and recycles up to 80% of the laundry graywater
  • Removes TDS and hardness but retains active wash chemicals
  • Reduces municipal water company charges
  • Reduces municipal sewer charges
  • Offers low operation and maintenance costs
  • Eliminates regulatory fines for disposal of untreated graywater and
  • Reduces environmental degradation from untreated wastewater discharge.

Automated Controls - Every automated system that WRI manufactures comes equipped with a state-of-the-art control panel with the latest Allen Bradley PLC technology that offers user-friendly color touch screen programming, computer monitoring, and full reach-back capabilities to the corporate office. Whether wastewater streams are from gas wells, manufacturing plants, or cruise ships, WRI leads the industry in system automation technologies. At its manufacturing facility in Scottsdale, the Systems Automation Group builds control panels, installs wiring and electronic components, writes custom software, and prepares operating and training manuals for its clients.
Automated Control Panel

AquaTex™ 360, 720 & Ultra reclaims, cleans & recycles laundry graywater.

This family of AquaTex™ products has reclaimed and treated billion of gallons of laundry graywater over the past two decades.

Did you know?

AquaTex™ Ultra at the largest commercial laundry in Las Vegas.

Recycles up to 80% of the laundry graywater to become its own water source.

Treated graywater is recycled for continuous use.

WRI's three laundry graywater products differ in tertiary treatment processes.

AquaTex™ 360, 720 & Ultra reduce water & sewer charges by 60% to 80%.

WRI leads the industry in system automation technology.
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