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Wastewater Resources Inc. (WRI) manufactures five advanced water purification plants for the industrial process water market: AquaTex™ COG, AquaTex™ HS, AquaTex™ SBR, AquaTex™ LLD and AquaTex™ CT. To service its industrial clients, WRI offers AquaTex™ HS to pretreat and clean industrial process waters and wastewater.

AquaTex™ HS (Download PDF)

Business Case - The Aqua Tex™ HS (Hydraulic Separator) system was developed as an extension to the DAF technology to reduce moving parts and provide a fully-enclosed advanced treatment plant. It is a primary treatment device, typically at the device to receive the wastewater. Hydraulic separators work extremely well in industrial environments where reducing suspended solids such as oils, grease, metals, BOD, COD, and VOC is required. Coupled with membrane and other advanced treatment processes, discharged effluent can be recycled as a source for freshwater influent.

Applications - AquaTex™ HS is designed to clean water and wastewaters from:

  • Petro-chemical and refinery processes
  • Crude oil & natural gas production
  • Mining operations
  • Metal processing and plating
  • Food & beverage production
  • Transportation operation & maintenance
  • Hazard spills
  • Storm runoff

Technology - The wastewater is collected in a mixing tank, and a flocculent polymer compound is added to the tank. Precise amounts of air are then added as the wastewater passes through the flocculator. The mixture then flows into a hydraulic separator where it is saturated with microscopic air bubbles that attach to the flocculated particles.

Aerated particles rise to the top of the tank where they form a slug blanket. As the slug blanket rises, it passes out of the separator. An optional outlet or valve can be located at the bottom of the tank to remove heavier solids that sink and settle on the bottom. This nontoxic sludge is then placed in a pit to be encapsulated or hauled offsite for disposal.

AquaTex™ HS is designed to prevent recovered product from remixing and to remove it without interfering with separator operations. It is also designed to allow flow water to be discharged or channeled for additional treatment prior to recycling or beneficial reuse.

Benefits - Benefits derived from AquaTex™ HS are numerous:

  • Very reliable primary treatment plant
  • Very low operations and maintenance costs
  • Designed to operate continuously or intermittently
  • Reduces municipals fees for disposal of untreated wastewater and
  • Reduces environmental degradation by untreated wastewater.
Automated Controls - Every automated system that WRI manufactures comes equipped with a state-of-the-art control panel with the latest Allen Bradley PLC technology that offers user-friendly color touch screen programming, computer monitoring, and full reach-back capabilities to the corporate office. Whether wastewater streams are from gas wells, manufacturing plants, or cruise ships, WRI leads the industry in system automation technologies. At its manufacturing facility in Scottsdale, the Systems Automation Group builds control panels, installs wiring and electronic components, writes custom software, and prepares operating and training manuals for its clients.
Automated Control Panel

AquaTex™ HS separated oils, metals and organics from influent water or wastewater.

AquaTex™ HS uses separation processes to clean industrial process water for petro-chemical, mining, metal processing, plating and painting, food processing, and transportation industries.

AquaTex™ HS is designed as a mobile wastewater treatment plant or fixed-base wastewater treatment plant.

AquaTex™ HS can be designed with advanced treatment technologies to clean flow water for recycling or beneficial reuse.

AquaTex™ HS is a very dependable and low maintenance primary treatment plant.
AquaTex™ HS is equipped with automated controls and remote monitoring capabilities.
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