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Wastewater Resources Inc. (WRI) - WRI is an original equipment manufacturer of proprietary and patented wastewater reclamation and treatment systems for a variety of complex water applications. WRI manufacturesfouradvanced water purification plants for the municipal waterand wastewater market:AquaTex™ RO, AquaTex™ AO, AquaTex™ BIO and AquaTex™ MBR (Membrane Bioreactor).

AquaTex™ MBR (Download PDF)

Business Case - For public and private clients, WRI offers AquaTex™ MBR for reclaiming treating, and disinfecting graywater and blackwater. AquaTex™ MBR is an integrated advanced water purification (AWP) plant for resorts, master planned communities, remote communities,military bases, and municipalities.This robust AWP plant reclaims wastewaters, reduces treatment costs, reuses treated effluents, and minimize discharge into the environment, while remaining very affordable.

Technology - AquaTex™ MBR uses use a four-stage treatment process: Bioreactor, Prefiltration, ultrafiltration, and ultraviolet chamber. The MBR enables up to 85% of treated graywaterto be reusesand minimizes solids production. The graywater and blackwater treatment systems can be used independently or work as an integrated water purification plant.

The reclamation process begins by collecting and passing graywater and blackwater streams into the roughing reactor where equalization, aeration, and clarification is achieved using an advanced, fluidized bed, fine bubble bioreactor. Effluent form the bioreactor passes through a hydraulic separator to an intermediate tank.The separated water then flows through 25 micron tubular prefilter and on the ultrafilters. The final stage is complete disinfection in an ultraviolet chamber making the treated wastewater suitable for recycling or beneficial reuse.

Benefits - Benefits derived from an AquaTex™ MBR are numerous:

  • Versatileadvanced water purification plant
  • Rugged modular skid-mounted stainless steel construction
  • Fully automated with user-friendly color interface
  • High-quality effluent for recycling or beneficial reuse
  • Low operations and maintenance costs and
  • Reduced discharges into the environment.

Sustainable Community Utility Solutions - WRI also offers Sustainable Community Utility Solutions (SUCS) in conjunction with energy partnerssuch as Black & Veatch. A SCUS is a distributed utility system that supplies water, sewer, and energy services to a community using the best available renewable technologies and processes. A community may be a municipality, business, industry, or military base. SUCS is the wave of the future in the utility service industry, and AquaTex™ MBR is WRI's renewable water solution for treating graywater and blackwater.

Automated Controls - Every automated system WRI manufactures comes equipped with a state-of-the-art control panel with the latest Allen Bradley PLC technology that offers user-friendly color touch screen programming and full reach-back capabilities to the corporate officefor remote monitoring. Whether wastewater streams are from lodging facilitiesor cruise ships, WRI leads the industry in system automation software and hardware. At its manufacturing facility in Scottsdale, our Systems Automation Group builds control panels, installs wiring and electronic components, writes custom software, and prepares operating and training manuals for clients.

AquaTex™ MBR reclaims, treats, and disinfects graywater and blackwater.

AquaTex™ MBR

AquaTex™ MBR is versatile, rugged, automated and affordable.

AquaTex™ MBR is one of WRI's offerings forSustainable Community Utility Solutions.

MBR is equipped with automated controls, user interface and remote monitoring capabilities.
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