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Wastewater Resources Inc. designed, built, and delivered a family advanced Marine Wastewater Treatment Systems utilizing advanced Bioreactor technology coupled with external ultra filtration and advanced oxidation technology. The patent pending AquaTex AWP System is compact in size, simple in design, inexpensive to operate, built for long-term reliable operation in the marine environment. It is hatchable, and modular in construction affording ease of tailoring to specific applications using standardized modules. In contrast to the disadvantages of most existing systems, WRI AquaTex AWP optimum wastewater treatment systems:

AquaTex™ AWP (Download PDF)

  • US Coast Guard / IMO Type Approved
  • AquaTex AWP is small in footprint
  • Systems utilizes advanced fluidized bed, fine bubble, small footprint bioreactor
  • Includes advanced, external, ultra filtration
  • AquaTex AWP is simple to operate
  • Minimal solids production, with biological sludge reduction systems available
  • Systems are constructed of the most durable components
  • Produce a high quality effluent exceeding the most stringent effluent
    requirements day-after-day
  • Meets requirements day-after-day with redundant filtration design.

Fully Programmable Automation - All AquaTex™ AWP Systems are fully automated using an Allen-Bradley Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). The PLC is equipped with modem or Ethernet internet connectivity for reach-back monitoring of off ship system performance. This enables WRI specialists to ensure continued reliable service of the system and predict and trouble shoot operational issues.

Simple Installation & Craftsmanship - WRI adheres to an ease of installation philosophy resulting in each component fitting through standard ship door and hatch sizes for ease of rigging to the designated system compartment. The arrangement allows for easy access to areas requiring routine maintenance. WRI has designed the AquaTex AWP System for continuous operation with high quality monitors and instrumentation to minimize maintenance and operating costs. The WRI AquaTex AWP Systems are crafted of the finest materials by the finest craftsmen and are ready for long service. Most components are constructed from 316L Stainless Steel, affording long life to system components

The WRI Modular Design - Inherent in the WRI AquaTex AWP System design is modularity. The expandable building block nature of the system enables assembly of many system treatment sizes from a standard family of 24-inch and 36-inch square modules. System treatment capacity is a function of the number of modular system components selected. The modular design of the WRI AquaTexAWP System has the added advantage of creating various configurations to optimize available space. The WRI AquaTex AWP System is designed for growth. The modular nature of its components enables ease of expansion. For example, the capacity of the 25-gpm system could easily be increased by adding a filter module, and if necessary an additional bioreactor module.

WRI AquaTex
AWP System components are mounted on standard sized stainless steel squares that facilitate ease of mounting on ships foundations and create the possibility for variable configurations; from a very compact square to open linear. The 10-gpm and 25-gpm systems share reactor and tank designs. Components are mounted on 24-inch stainless steel squares affording access through 40-inch (1 meter) openings. The 50-gpm and 100-gpm systems share bioreactor and tank designs and are mounted on 40-inch stainless steel squares, allowing access through 57-inch (1.5 meter) openings.

WRI Announces Debut of AquaTex™ LiquID™

WRI, an international provider of wastewater treatment systems and services, announced the debut of their new customizable, real-time, online monitoring system, the AquaTex™ LiquID™.

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