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Wastewater Resources Inc. was founded in 1988 by Randall J. Jones. One of Randall's early projects was to develop nanofiltration membrane technology for the purification of brackish waters commonly found in the Western United States. Pilot work was performed over two years with the University of Arizona's Water Resources Center and funded by the John F. Long Foundation. The University's Water Resources Center and Department of Arid Lands are world renowned for their research of water solutions and technologies for desert environments.

WRI developed a working model of the nanofiltration membrane technology along with the University. The successful delivery of an advanced membrane solution to the University served as the basis of several early projects at WRI to recover potable water from wastewater.

While working with the University, WRI designed an advanced water purification plant for commercial application. In response to market demand, work began on a water purification plant for cooling tower blowdown water. In 1991, WRI patented a Wastewater Purification System (US Patent 4,981,594) that continually reclaimed, filtered and disinfected blowdown water through the use of nanofiltration and advanced oxidation, reducing water discharge by more than 80%.

In late 1994, WRI was selected by Black & Veatch and the City of Scottsdale to design and manufacture a turnkey Advanced Water Treatment Pilot Complex for Scottsdale.

The Pilot Complex, completed in 1995, was the primary pilot system for the City's 14-million gallon per day facility constructed in North Scottsdale in 1997. The 75,000-gallon per day Pilot Complex remains operational at the Gainey Ranch water treatment center in Scottsdale.

In Early 2000, Randall and his team began work on developing a laundry graywater recovery and treatment plant. In 2001, WRI patented a Laundry Wash-Cycle Water Recovery System (US Patent 6,195,825) that used tubular filtration, advanced oxidation, UV, and nanofiltration to treat recovered laundry graywater, ultimately heated and recycled back into the wash cycle. This patent was the cornerstone technology for AquaTex™ 360, 720 and Ultra, the most successful and prolific laundry graywater treatment plants in the industry.

In 2005, Randall transferred technology to Navalis Environmental Systems, LLC, laying the groundwork for the first application of membrane water treatment technologies to marine wastewater. In 2009, Navalis patented a Dual-train Wastewater Reclamation and Treatment System (US Patent 7,534,357), leading to the development of the Poseidon® and Orion® product lines of marine sanitation devices. Poseidon® and Orion® are now Coast Guard Certified and have produced effluents that exceed the US Alaska Cruise Ship Standards.
Industrial Market:
See our products for industrial process water including AquaTex COG for mobile deployment to natural gas and oil fields...
Municipal Market:
WRI offers Sustainable Community Utility Systems as well as traditional wastewater treatment plants...

WRI in the news:
WRI delivers an AquaTex CT to the National Institutes of Health in the Research Triangle.

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