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Wastewater Resources specializes in reclaiming, cleaning and recycling/reusing treated wastewaters in three global markets:

Our expertise begins by helping clients develop a water management plan to better manage:

  • Influents
  • Consumption
  • Effluents
  • Reclamation
  • Treatment
  • Recycling or reuse
  • Discharge.
Because of the number of critical variables in each water use environment, our designs are customized to achieve the client's objectives.

Whether clients are drilling natural gas wells, upgrading wastewater treatment plants, or purchasing marine sanitation devices, our design priorities are to use the minimum amount of feedwater as possible and discharge the minimum amount of wastewater possible.

Therefore, our approach to designing advanced water purification plants is to continuously:

  • Minimize freshwater consumption
  • Maximize wastewater recovery
  • Maximize treatment efficiency
  • Maximize recycling and reuse
  • Minimize environmental discharge
  • Maximize automated system control.
Visit each of our markets and learn more about our approach to building Clean Technology.
Industrial Market:
See our five products for treating industrial process water including AquaTex™ COG for mobile deployment to natural gas and oil fields...

Municipal Market:
WRI offers traditional water and wastewater purification plants as well as Sustainable Community Utility Solutions...

Marine Market


WRI Announces Debut of AquaTex™ LiquID™


WRI, an international provider of wastewater treatment systems and services, announced the debut of their new customizable, real-time, online monitoring system, the AquaTex™ LiquID™.

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