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WRI manufactures eight patented or proprietary advanced water purification plants for industrial process waters with a heavy emphasis on servicing the coal, oil, gas, and mining industries.

Click on any advanced water plant for a product fact sheet for more detail. Across all industrial process waters, WRI has become a valuable business resource to its clients, enabling them to:

  • Comply with environmental regulations
  • Reduce production costs
  • Protect human and corporate assets
  • Maximize their return on investment

Industrial Application
System Technology
AquaTex™ COG
Frac & produced water from gas & oil wells
Separation, filtration & reclamation system
Flocculator, hydraulic separator, GAC, ultrafiltration & reverse osmosis
AquaTex™ HS Industrial & defense manufacturing processes Separation, filtration, oxidation & disinfection system Prefiltration, hydraulic separation, ultrafiltration, advanced proprietary oxidation & ultraviolet chamber
AquaTex™ SBR Industrial & defense manufacturing processes Biodegration, oxidation & disinfection system Prefiltration, seeded sequence batch reactor, advanced proprietary oxidation & ultraviolet chamber

AquaTex™ pH

Industrial & commercial food industry processes pH neutralization & code compliance Waste & drain water buffer storage, pH metering and neutralization, flow controlled waste to city.
AquaTex™ CT Industrial & commercial blowdown water Filtration, disinfection & reclamation system Prefiltration, advanced oxidation & ultraviolet chamber

Municipal Products:
Marine Products:

WRI in the news:
WRI delivers an AquaTex CT to the National Institutes of Health in the Research Triangle.
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